Saturday Jan 18th, 2020

About Us

Knowledge must always be shared because no one is born knowing, but we can all Awaken Knowing.


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Our story

Since time immemorial, knowledge has been shared, passing from generation to generation and in many ways, but new generations have stopped reading interesting content because of its extensive and complex nature. We find that this should not be so since many times a precise and complete text of a thousand words can express the same as another one of two thousand, that way Wake up knowing.

Our goal is to grow with our users and deliver entertaining and quality content.

Waking up Knowing is a product of ARC-Projects (Always Remain Creative), an entity created with the purpose of generating a positive impact on society.

For ARC-Projects, every opinion is valid when it is done with respect and fundamentals, regardless of nationality and repudiates copyright when it comes to knowledge. While it is correct that there is a regularization, it is not appropriate to deprive others of knowledge by their own whims or economic issues.

We love our users and therefore we try to improve every day more, either by delivering new and innovative articles, improving the application, adding improvements from different areas and reading their suggestions. We love to see all the support they give us, it makes our desire to continue with Awakening Knowing keep growing more and more ♥