Saturday Jan 18th, 2020

Animals that get high

The consumption of foreign substances that distort the perception of our reality comes a long time before it is done “worldwide popular".

Our ancestors (indigenous) already consumed it, either to communicate with their gods or to withstand difficult environments. For example, the indigenous people of the Andes bit the coca leaves to be able to be on surfaces of low atmosphere and high pressure. And they did not do it with evil, since the own one Pachamama He granted them.

But not only the most intelligent animal on the planet did (and does), the other species do too. The animal kingdom goes to psychotropic substances to purify itself, cleanse its digestive system, get excited, increase its performance or simply get high.

The closest animal that does it is the cat. It serves to clean your digestive system and since it contains nepetalactoae, a terpene that acts as a substitute for feline sex pheromones. Once in contact with the grass, the pussy begins to roll on the ground, licking and chewing the plant, and emit the typical sounds of a cat that is having fun.

The most vicious of all are the goats. It was thanks to these animals that the human being discovered numerous substances that have also been consumed by our species. This is the case, for example, of coffee and even mezcal bean, which causes hallucinations equal to those of peyote.

The reindeer on the other hand, they have an excellent time when they ingest small amounts of Amanita muscaria, a poisonous and psychoactive mushroom, used for thousands of years by the shamans of Europe and Asia.

The chucks consume the iboga, a plant whose roots are hallucinogenic. The male mandrill, in particular, eats the plant just before a fight. It is usually done about two hours before the fight, to allow the substance to take effect.

Some researchers believe that these animals use this drug to increase potency and cushion pain caused by bumps.

The dolphins they catch a puffer fish and consume it in turns, gently hitting it with the nose to force it to release small amounts of narcotic toxin.

The fliesThey have a great fondness for licking an acid produced by the hood of some poisonous mushrooms. As a result, they experience a feeling of extreme pleasure, which leaves them stunned to the point of becoming an easy target for some frogs, who take advantage to eat them without any effort, feeding and taking a small dose of hallucinogenic mushrooms rebound.

The kangaroos after eating the poppies become euphoric and begin to run in circles in the countryside.

When the Americans bombed Vietnam in the 60s, they observed strange behavior in the native buffalo that began to feed on poppies as well. This was not because it was the only thing they had access to, because there were other food sources. Experts believe they ate poppies for their narcotic effects, to reassure their stress caused by the bombs.

The lemurs of Madagascar They are nothing silly, and they have discovered that millipedes have a toxin that scares away insects. Therefore, they rub with this compound to avoid insect bites. And, as if this were not enough, the chemist makes them totally drugged.

Big cats like Jaguares they look for the leaves of the plant Banisteriopsis caapi, and gnaw on them until they hallucinate. Some Indian tribes imitate the behavior of this cat and also consume it to try to increase their skills as hunters.

As you can see, they consume these hallucinogenic plants in a “conscious”(Of his own free will) and without doing any evil, because as we said at the beginning, it is a gift from Pachamama. Of course, the drugs they consume come directly from the earth, so they are natural and do not do so excessively.

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