Fri. Jan 17th, 2020

Why are dogs so faithful?

Seeing your dog's reaction when you get home after a trip or maybe after several hours, or seeing the sadness they reflect when you're not there are not just things for food, it goes beyond that: it's a feeling of trust and more That is love.

These animals are from herds and seek to belong to a group, which is why they demonstrate so much fidelity with human beings: you allowed them to be part of your pack.

This is also the reason why strange people bark and tend to attack, because they are willing to give everything for their loved ones, for their pack and you are their pack.

In addition to this, what makes both species (human and dog) so faithful (excluding certain cases) is mutual communication. The trust between them is so much that language is not a counter to either. We learn to differentiate certain types of barking as they learn to differentiate certain levels in sound when we speak to it.

But What is this all about?

This mutual connection comes from the past when these animals were domesticated. Both species began to evolve together, something like an unconscious mutual pact to protect themselves from predators, making our communication bond so strong in our genes (and if you've noticed, it's only been with the dog , with no other species).

The researchers originally believed that the dogs had separated from their ancestors the wolves when they began to live with humans, however, other studies have shown that these two filial species separated about 135 thousand years ago.

Archaeological evidence such as canine bones found buried in human settlements makes us aware that about 13 years ago, humans and dogs shared life.

“Some studies reveal that dogs have more human-like behaviors than any other species including primates.

For example, one study revealed that dogs are capable of empathy for humans.

During this study there was a human, owner or not of the pet, crying in the same room as the dog. What the specialists noticed is that the dog not only tries to comfort his human but also did it with a complete stranger. ”(

This is why, when you are sad, your faithful friend goes to you and makes love to you, so stop being one and be happy again like them.

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