Saturday Jan 18th, 2020

What are lucid dreams and how to achieve them

Have you wanted to do what you want in your dreams? Can you fly, teleport, have super powers or even be with someone you miss a lot?

If the answer was yes to any of these questions, then let me tell you that you can do it.

Lucid dreams are dreams in which you are aware that you are experiencing a dream and the possibilities you have while you are dreaming. That is, you stop seeing your dreams as a movie and become the protagonist of it.

You are able to see, analyze and reason everything around you, something that you normally do not do in a dream, you simply accept that everything is normal, even when it is not. Well, a lucid dream is different because it is a mixture between reality and dream.

Simply put, you realize that you are dreaming and therefore you have control of everything.

Fascinating, isn't it?

These dreams usually occur unconsciously while people sleep what is called "lucid dream initiated from sleep", although it is also possible to induce these dreams before bedtime.

But Why do they occur?

This is an intermediate state between sleep, where consciousness is almost disconnected, and wakefulness is fully functioning. That is, the frontal lobe is not fully asleep.

They take place during the REM phase of our rest, the deepest of the 5 cycles that generally make up the dream.

How can I detect that I am in one?

The first times will be complicated but over time they will be simple.

You will notice that everything becomes more detailed, that is, things will no longer see them blurred as before, the sounds are heard more clearly and you start to question a little why you are living that.

Do you want to experience it?

Follow these tips:

1. Before sleeping, repeat the same sentence, for example: "I will have total control of my dreams" or "I am in control of my dreams".

2. Wake up during the REM phase, so you'll be aware when you go back to sleep. To do this you can set an alarm at 90 minutes after going to sleep and leave it away from your bed, so when it sounds you get up, turn it off, go back to sleep and you will be aware.

3. Take note of your dreams. It is a very common practice among lucid dreamers.

Taking note of every dream you have helps you remember what you did and eventually you will notice that they follow a pattern. But be careful, it is not enough just to write them down, you must read them every night before bed.

To apply this advice well you must be disciplined and not wake up just awake. Wake up normally but stay in bed reflecting your dream, remembering the small details and then write them down.

4. Asking while you are awake if you are dreaming (it may sound silly but do it). Questioning reality helps you also question your dreams. Turn it into a daily practice, "Am I dreaming?"

And check that you are not doing it, as for example you can read something, look at the clock or even see your hands, if you are able to do this then you are in reality (or in the matrix but that is another topic).

In dreams these common things are not possible to perform perfectly, do you remember any dream where you could see your hands or feet without a distortion in between?

5. Use an app that helps you induce lucid dreams. Many of these make use of sounds or even lights that are activated when you are in the REM phase, helping you to be aware that you are sleeping.

6. Meditate.

Yes, meditation is an effective method but very difficult to achieve if you have no practice. In addition to helping you in the channeling of energies, relaxation at the mental level and at the physical level, it also helps you to control your dreams.

As a personal experience I can say that these methods do work and the feeling that a lucid dream produces is wonderful.

The power of your mind is gigantic and not only helps you live adventures that you may never do in real life or are not able to achieve them (such as flying on your own), it also helps you to be more creative.

Finally, be aware (literally speaking) of what you do, lucid dreams are extraordinary but they can also become a kind of addiction (obviously only if you abuse too much).

Remember that everything in excess is bad, if you take this to an excess you can lose alignment with reality, want excess control or even worse of all, believe that your dream is real (think that it has happened in real life and act as Yeah it was like that).

A film that will help you understand, entertain and increase your desire to have these dreams is Inception (the origin, in Spanish), starring Leonardo DiCaprio and released in 2010.

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