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Launch of SpaceX Falcon Heavy

On February 6, 2018, a milestone in space travel was marked when Elon Musk and his SpaceX company launched the most powerful rocket in history: The Falcon Heavy.

On February 6, 2018, a milestone in space travel was marked when Elon Musk with your company SpaceX they launched the most powerful rocket in history: The Falcon Heavy.

The Falcon Heavy took off successfully and the recovery of boosters (thrusters) has been almost perfect: two of the three Falcon 9 rockets that compose it landed correctly to be reused in the future, although the third has ended up hitting the sea at 480 km / h.

That's right, SpaceX managed to make its thrusters come back and not be wasted in space, making it a reusable rocket, greatly reducing expenses.

Composed of three smaller rockets, it took off and ascended as planned. Once the determined height was reached, two of those rockets separated from the main one, made a turn in the air and landed on the mainland.

Then, and after leaving the Earth's atmosphere, the main rocket separated from the cargo. The next step was to land on an autonomous platform in the middle of the sea but the signal of the transmission was cut in full maneuver and everything pointed from the beginning that it had not landed correctly. SpaceX took several hours, but finally clarified that it had crashed into the sea.

During a conference call, Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX confirmed that the launch of Falcon Heavy was a success within what was expected. However the central core of the rocket It could not be recovered as it was in the original plan.

The idea was that this propeller landed on the robotic platform located at sea, but according to Musk, the nucleus ran out of fuel and it was impossible to stop it for landing.

In addition to being the most powerful active rocket that can be reused, the load it carried was peculiar: an electric car driven by a mannequin dressed as an astronaut.

The car is a Tesla Roadster red from the car company Tesla from Elon Musk. Inside him is Starman a doll dubbed like this in homage to the song of David Bowie and is wearing a SpaceX space suit.

The sound system on board the car played the song S from David Bowie. In the glove compartment of the car there is a copy of the novel Guide of the galactic hitchhiker, next to a towel and a sign that says Do not Panic, both are symbols of the Galactic Hitchhiker's Guide series.

The car is in an elliptical orbit around the Sun that passes through the asteroid belt. The first segment of the orbit is similar to a transfer orbit from Hohmann to Mars. Even so, the car will not fly over Mars or enter an orbit around it.

The first launch of the Falcon Heavy is simply proof that you are ready to start more important missions, which involve launches with more range than the Falcon 9 allows. But, for what purpose ?, according to SpaceX: The idea is that future missions are manned missions to the Moon or Mars.

Its power has another important advantage: its price.

According to official data, a launch in full 2018 costs 90 million. The SpaceX competition has much higher prices: for example, each launch of the Delta 4 Heavy, of the company United Launch Alliance, It amounts to 350 million although the United States Air Force estimates that it will still be more expensive, reaching 422 million.

Little by little we leave our Earth and then conquer the solar system.

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