Fri. Jan 17th, 2020

10 horror movies based on real events

Let's accept it, today scary movies are hardly scary anymore. Except when they tell a story that has happened. Then the thing changes.

Today we bring you a list with 10 horror movies for you to enjoy this weekend.

1. Warren File

Explains a scary true story. Parapsychologists Lorraine and Ed Warren faced an unprecedented case in 1970 when they met the Perron family, who had moved to a house where terrifying paranormal phenomena were happening. They discovered that the past of that house was sinister and disturbing. In 1980 one of the girls who suffered those episodes wrote it in a book entitled: "House of Darkness, House of Light: The True Story."

2. Morgana: A Legend of Terror

It is based on a legend from the late nineteenth century that originates in Jalisco, Mexico. It tells the story of a girl who is forced to abort and bury her fetus in a secret corner of the house. Depressed and disconsolate, she seeks refuge in a porcelain doll. Then he commits suicide and the doll passes into the hands of another girl, Morgana. Guess what's wrong: yes, she gets pregnant.

3. The exorcism of Emily Rose

This is one of the most terrifying scary movies as it is based on one of the most famous possession cases in history, that of Anneliese Michel.
[IC] Anneliese was a normal young woman until suddenly she began to experience strange episodes. He went to a hospital where he was placed in psychiatric treatment, but the attacks did not diminish, but on the contrary.
[IC] They began to show signs of possession and their parents requested an exorcism. It was recorded in different exorcisms (you can find their videos on YouTube). Nothing could be done for his life.

4. The Entity

Based on real events, it tells the story of Carla Moran, who in 1974 looked for parapsychologists when he was already at the limit. She said she was sexually harassed by a superior force that violated her and even left marks on her body. At first he was diagnosed with a mental disorder, but subsequent tests proved that the woman was sane. A team of researchers settled with her 10 days and found that the woman was surrounded by something strange. The woman never stopped suffering those attacks and died in 2006 of cancer.

5. Wolf Creek

Inspired by murders of tourists in Australia that increased the legend that young backpackers could suffer horrible crimes.

6. The Amityville Ville

The Lutz arrive at their new home on Long Island. What they do not expect to find is a series of disturbing phenomena: bad smell with no apparent origin, spots that appear and disappear on the wall, very cold, creepy noises ... And the family man goes crazy. They discovered that where they wanted to live in peace is actually a place that has seen with horror how a murderer killed all members of his family in cold blood during a night of madness because: "He heard voices that forced him to do so."

The whole story that is told in this movie is real: the crimes really happened, the Lutz did all that and although they ran away they knew how to make their story profitable in the media. When investigating more about the house they discovered that when it was built it was used to do satanic rites, although some say that it is part of a story invented by the killer's lawyer.

7. The Moving House

Uruguayan film based on events in Uruguay in 1944. In an old house they found the bodies of several men with their eyes and tongues torn out. All this was documented in some shocking photos that were the key to the investigation of the crime.

8. The Exorcist

In the truth story it was not a girl but a boy who was allegedly possessed. The novel on which the film is based is based at the same time on a true story, that of Roland Roe, who lived at the end of the 40s and played Ouija to try to contact his dead aunt. Shortly after, strange episodes happened that doctors could not explain. According to the priests who practiced exorcism to the child on the recommendation of their pastor, the words "hell" and "evil" appeared on the body of the kid.

In addition to the boy speaking languages ​​he had never studied and during the exorcisms there were several episodes of unexplained superhuman nature. Roland ended up coming out of this hell and reached grandfather. The adaptation of this story to the cinema caused a huge stir and marked a before and after in the genre.

9. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Based on the story of a serial killer, Ed Gain, specializing in stealing graves, although not in the Texas area. A very dangerous man who kept bodies to do everything with them, even whole suits of human skin.

10 Annabelle

In Warren File we are introduced to Annabelle, a porcelain doll that is the bearer of something evil. In the Annabelle movie they explain something more about their history, and this doll is actually in the Occult Museum opened by the Ed and Lorraine Warren really. It is actually a rag toy that is inside a sideboard with a very clear message: "Do not open under any circumstances."

This toy has its origin in the 70s. A mother bought it from her daughter but together they saw how it seemed to have a life of its own: it changed places frequently and even sent them help notes. Also, when they touched her, she was bleeding.

Article sent by Pepe Grillo to Wake Up Knowing.

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